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- March 2, 2020

Cancer is a very dreadful disease. It has been described as the result of the change due to the uncontrolled growth and the division of the cell. Though cancer has no specific signs and symptoms, therefore it becomes difficult to diagnose this disease. But can be cured if treated well. The major cause of cancer is the genetic mutation from the ancestor. 

Blood cancer, also known as leukemia, usually begins in the bone marrow and therefore results in the high numbers of abnormal blood cells. Those blood cells which are not fully developed create problem to the other blood cells and called leukemia cells. Dr. Rajeev Bedi has proven the record when it comes to providing blood cancer treatment and personalized care. For conventional modes, for example, chemotherapy and radiotherapy to stem cells and bone marrow transplantations, Dr. Rajeev Bedi specializes in all. 

Blood Cancer Specialist In Chandigarh, Mohali India


There are three types of blood cancer, Leukemia, which is caused by the rapid production of the abnormal blood cells in the bone marrow. This affects the bone marrow, its ability of the production of red blood cells and platelets. Another type of cancer is Lymphoma, this type of blood cancer affects the lymphatic system, this removes the excess fluids from the body and produces immune cells. Lymphocytes are the type of white blood cells, which are the guards to the red blood cells, lymphocytes helps to fight infection. The abnormal Lymphocytes changes into lymphoma cells, which grows and causes cancer. Myeloma affects the production of plasma cells, which are responsible for the production of White Blood Cells. This results in a weak immune system.

Why Dr. Rajeev Bedi?

Dr. Rajeev Bedi is one of the best oncologists in India. Having an experience of 25 years in his field, he aims to heal the patient as fast as possible. He has done his DM from AIIMS and has 25 years of experience in Medical Oncology. He has undergone Advance Training in Hematology at Royal Marsden Hospital, London. His clinical interests are breast cancer, lung cancer, Gynecological cancer along with other fields. Dr. Rajeev Bedi and his team are among the best oncologists in India. He has expertise in the diagnosis of cancer and treating it well.



There are so many reasons behind choosing India for the treatment of cancer. As the treatment here is cheaper and takes less time than any other organization. Although, Dr. Rajeev Bedi provides you with the best care physically as well as emotionally, financially and mentally as well. They take care of the fact that this problem will never repeat again. Therefore, cancer treatment in India is more reasonable than any other country. There is a special facility for international patients at Dr. Rajeev Bedi.

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